Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(Tap tap tap...) Rain Delay. it's 9:47 pm EDT, and the weather radar in TX is still rather orange, yellow and red. Methinks it'll be a late night for those of us Jays fans who stay up if they actually get this game in.

I am bored.

So you get a screen cap of Mr Hayhurst from his interview on Jays Connected.


(ETA) Uh, yeah, I guess they called it. I concur with Dave, every ballpark should have a removable lid.

(ETA again) Even funnier: (flood)


Ian H. said...

That Garfoose is now the most sought after autograph in Blue Jay land. I want one!

LJ said...

Ditto! There's a signing on the 28th. I hope he's doing it.