Friday, February 19, 2010

I'll Have Whatever Amphetamines They're Having

Marc Rzepczynski and Brett Cecil, Sept 2009:


Okay, so they were muffin-topping those mini-skirts a bit. Welcome to my world. But good gawd; did they FEED those boys over the winter?!


Spring training is here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

It has been posted.

The Fan 590 will be broadcasting 9 spring training games, mostly on weekends. will provide 5 games in addition to that. does not appear to have their gameday audio pricing information up, but it was about $20 last year.

TSN2 will air the final spring training game on Sat Apr 3.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jays Raise Cheap Seat Prices

Story here

What the Blue Jays will draw in the upcoming season is an open question. Attendance during a dismal 75-87 campaign in 2009 was 1,876,129, the club's lowest total since 2003, and well off 2008's count of 2,400,416.

More tough times are likely ahead, both on the field and off.

"We understand what the sentiment is out there, we fully embrace Alex's vision with where he's going and any time you have that change and when you're building in a different direction on the field there may be some growing pains as it relates to attendance," said Diplock. "But we think we're going to play a little better than people are suggesting and our hope is attendance can be around where we finished last year.

"Having said that, we're realists, we know what we're going into in 2010."

Well, you're realists about what the team is going to do, but you seem a little naive about the fans.

I noticed when I was sent my schedule that every single weekend game was suddenly a "premium" game.

So the 500 level tickets go up in price? You're nuts, Mr Diplock. Way to alienate the bubble fans: the students, the families, the people who are iffy as to whether or not it's worth the cost of getting there PLUS the ticket prices, PLUS the outrageous concession prices. If anything, more should have been done to get asses in seats up there.

Maybe they were just trying to align the price of seeing shitty Jays baseball with the price of seeing shitty Leafs hockey.