Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Richmond Set To Replace Halladay"

Richmond Set To Replace Halladay

Guffaw. Imagine magically sending that headline back in time to the March 2009 You. Then, add that Halladay, Janssen, Downs and Litsch have joined Marcum and McGowan in the DL club. The '08 rotation is officially gone, Mike-Foxtrot-ers!

March-2009-You would have a brain aneurysm.

I dunno, I'm just not feeling the gloom quite yet. Maybe it's the time of year; that my seasonal affective disorder turns into mania right about now... but I'm somehow confident that we're in for some good baseball. To shamelessly steal Eyebleaf's MO, I believe in Scott Richmond. FNA.

On last night's "ugly" win... don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Wasn't there a lot of complaining last year about how many games the Jays could have won had they only taken advantage of the other teams' mistakes? Last night was karma. The Jays made mistakes, they won the game.

Scott Downs, are your feet made of paper mâché? Good grief, boy. While I'm not exactly a fan of interleague play, I think citing Downs' injury is a very weak argument against it. That was the kind of freak injury that could have happened just as easily if he slipped stepping off the bus, or if he was, say, fielding an infield play. Hey, wait! Come to think of it, that's exactly what happened to him TWICE late last season. I guess we need Designated Fielders to stand next to pitchers and be prepared to run on wet grass, dive at bunts, and all those other dangerous things that could conceivably injure a pitcher.

These guys all do resistance training and run, do they not? Blaming this kind of injury on pitchers batting is kind of like accusing someone of cheating if they happen to win on scratch tickets several times in a row.

Tonight's Alcoholic Beverage Of The Game is the brain aneurysm. Add 1/3 shot of Bailey's to 2/3 shot of peach schnapps, drizzling it slowly so it congeals. Add a few drops of grenadine for the blood effect. (No joke, it's a real shot, and a tasty one at that.)

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eyebleaf said...

We all believe in Scott Richmond.

What a fantastic performance from him tonight. Doc-esque.