Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Joey Votto

Tonight's starting lineups have yet to be announced, but if the hometown boy is playing (ETA - yes, he's in the lineup) you Messin' With Recession MFers better give him one hell of a noisy standing O.

It was just Fathers Day.

He deserves it.

Shockingly, 20% of voters on a recent poll at insidethemajors.com felt that players with anxiety disorders were somehow undeserving of DL time. (Bart's site seems to be down at the moment. Take my word for it.) Tell me, after reading Votto's breif account, does it sound like he was in any shape to play? Would you want a guy in that condition on your team?

I'm trying to imagine what the argument against it would be. That players might fake it? Why would a player fake something with a negative stigma attached to it, when they could just fake a physical injury?


eyebleaf said...

Honestly, it's hard to believe 20% of voters voted that way. It just goes to show that the stigma surrounding anxiety and depression still exists. Sad.

LJ said...

Sports and the military: where prejudice goes to die.