Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Scott Richmond grabs himself a career-high 9 10 11 strike-outs... not including his own at the dish. Hey-oh! At least he swung. You go, buddy.

LOL. So wrong. Interleague. WTFBBQ.

Lookit 'em stats: 000. 0. 0. Lookit all 'em goose eggs. You just keep throwing strikes, sweetheart.

8 IP, 11 Ks, only 107 (or so) pitches thrown. All'a sudden, that "Richmond Set to Replace Halladay" headline doesn't seem so funny, does it, bee-otches?

Richmond seems to do well in the pissing rain. His first career win came in Baltimore last year after a complete came shutout... sorta. It was called after 5 innings.

Music: "September In The Rain", Frank Sinatra


Ian H. said...

It was all Rich tonight. Damn he was good. I need Kool-Aid.

LJ said...

What a game. I BLeaf™ in Scott Richmond, and even I was shaking my head all night. Who'da thunk he'd take the filling-in-for-Doc thing that literally?