Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pointless Points

  • Well, it's been some week, hasn't it? What a fun ride so far. The '09 Jays can win, like, 300 games! The magic number is 156! The bench guys strive for for two hits every at-bat! Playoffs!!1

  • Pop quiz, to see if you were paying attention to today's broadcast. How many of Richmond's midgets did it take to put second base back into the ground? Answer below!

  • Ricky Romero & LL Cool J: I do see the resemblance now.

  • I made two fantasy teams on one fairly serious, not messing with the pre-rankings and letting the auto-draft do its thing. My other team was goofy, named The Mooseheads after the empty bottle I was staring at, bleary-eyed and slightly hungover. They are almost exclusively Jays and Canadians. Guess which one is cleaning up right now? Thanks, Lind, Votto & Co!

    The last time I participated in a fantasy league, I made an all-Jays team, typical teenage fangirl that I was. I finished in the top 20. (By the way, the year was 1992.)

  • I'm getting a slight kick out of playing Sportsnet's Game In The Game. I'm sure I'll give up on it once the novelty wears off. I'm already frustrated by a repeat high scorer. Even a pro scout shouldn't be that lucky two days in a row predicting the outcome of so many in-game situations. It's impossible. My BS-detector is going off.

A: All three.


eyebleaf said...

I love that you used the "1" in your "Playoffs!!1" call. Well done.

And RickRom and LL really do look alike.

LJ said...

"I love that you used the "1" in your "Playoffs!!1" call.

Yeah, really original, I know.

A bit punny, maybe...