Friday, April 3, 2009

...And Another Thing:

Last night, The Fan 590's Alan Ashby reacted with incredulity at Jesse Litsch's fielding abilities. He mused (to paraphrase) that Litsch was like the big, fat cat you have lying around your house that does nothing but eat and sleep, but can take off like greased lightning.

I don't have a hate-on for Rance Mulliniks and Jamie Campbell like a lot of people do, but it bugged me when they made similar comments about Litsch last summer.

Alright, I know the kid probably eats a few too many cheezy poofs and he could stand to lose a few ell-bees, but where do these guys get the idea that only thin people could possibly have decent speed and reflexes? Have they never watched football?

I'm in the military and I've seen hundreds of people come and go through our unit. Lemme tellya, strength and speed come in all shapes and sizes. Having a Hollywood body means F-A. So can we be wowed when he grabs those come-backers and just leave it at that?

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