Saturday, April 11, 2009


Kevin Millar is so awesome, he hit into what should have been an easy double play, did a faceplant on his way up the line, and managed to get on base safely.

Today, he similarly knocked the ball out of a Cleveland glove with his awesomeness when he should have been a dead duck.

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Renaissance Man said...

With regards to Millar, they say it best in the NFL, "You can't coach speed......or agility for that matter."
But what the hell, he's the archetypical,lunch bucket guy swinging a hot bat, who looks better covered in dirt, like a front line grunt. He's a positive charismatic personality in a locker room, full of stone faces who'd have trouble cracking a joke if their lives depended on it, a room which has been desperately in need of a little atmosphere.
It looks like this new combination is beginning to work already.