Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's the Most Wonderful Tiiiiiiiiime of the Year!

I'm just going to keep the curtains closed today and not look at the slushy white mess out there. It's spring and baseball is back.

What a game. Miraculously, despite sitting just four rows from the roof, I seemed to be in the only section of the Rogers Centre with zero drunk retards. Goodonya, Section 527. The guy with the green horn thingy was creeping me out a little, though. (I think it was a guy...)

I do find it a little amusing and typically Canadian that a bunch of fans were being all bad-ass, causing so much trouble that they stop the game... and what was causing all the commotion? Broken beer bottles and weapons offenses? No, paper airplanes and baseballs. It reminds me of the guy who pied Jean Cretien in the face.

To the fucktards who acted like they were on a pub crawl, harassing Tigers fans and/or throwing shit onto the field... go die in a fire.

Anyhoo. I certainly hope last night's game was a preview of what we're going to see all year, especially the offense. Adam Lind and Travis Snider mashed it. "'We were having a good time in the dugout every time one of us came in after a big hit, giving each other some love,' said Snider. 'That's how me and Lindy are, man, it's a real good working relationship, a good friendship off the field and it should be exciting.'" Aw, spring brings bromance into the air!


Ian H. said...

That dude/woman is a little creepy. Patriotic, but creepy.

MK Piatkowski said...

I was in 531. Wish I could have said the same.

LJ said...

That's too bad. I lucked out this time, but I think next year, I'm going to talk to a ticket agent and make sure I'm not near any groups from the schools. Maybe I'll ask if they can stick me next to a group of seniors. Heh heh.