Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey Scott F. Richmond

You're not going to get your all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas if you keep missing all those bats.


Speaking of bats, The Only Goth Jays Fan™ thinks it's awesome that there's a bat on Vernon's bat.


Johnny G said...

That is the symbol of a company (which I believe is located here in Ontario) which is named aptly Bat.

Yes they make Bat Bats.

Sportsnet did a special on them awhile back (I think 2 maybe 3 years ago) about how they started small but now have contracts out with a ton of Major League players.

LJ said...

That is cool to know, thanks. I was hoping someone would tell me about them. As cool as that company name is, they screwed themselves a bit by making themselves un-Google-able.

Johnny G said...

No Doubt,

I think they only cater to MLB players now, I imagine that is where the bulk of their money comes from anyhow.

I can imagine having a few major leaguers that order dozens to hundreds of bats each year as a special order can fetch a nice amount.

Johnny G said...

My Bad, Apparently Im wrong.. well Kinda.

The company is Sam Bat

Linky -

THey are located in Ottawa

Nice little bio write up here:

LJ said...

Nice - thanks!

Ian H. said...

I remember that bio they did on Sportsnet a few years ago. It was pretty cool. I want to get me one of those BAT BAT's.

Anonymous said...

Marucci bats are where it's at. It's with former Jay, Joe Lawrence and others.