Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Rants

Rather, a public service announcement and two rants.

In honour of Dog Day at Ye Olde Ballparke, here's a gratuitous dog photo!

I attended today's game sans chien. I would have brought my German Shepherd, Bravo, if I did not have to rely on public transpo. I'm not sure his CadPat canine tactical vest, leash and collar would have convinced the Commuter Cops on the GO Train that he was a service dog. I'm a terrible liar.

I'll try not to get too far off topic here gushing about my dog. Long story short: this heartbroken shelter dog was an absolute gem in the rough. He is a sweet, intelligent, intuitive dog. Typical Shepherd. Please consider adopting an animal from a shelter or rescue if you're looking for a pet, and don't overlook the seniors.

The rant portion: people who beat, neglect and dump dogs deserve to be severely beaten themselves! How someone could have done that to this dog is beyond me. I wonder how s/he sleeps at night.

Rant deux:

I don't blame anyone for being tired of watching Vernon Wells playing golf with curveballs in the dirt. I can even forgive the booing, because perhaps he got everyone riled up by joking about it ("Fans have been chanting my new nickname, 'boo,' and it's something you feed off.")

...but I was a little stunned today when I could have sworn I heard some hardcore heckling of the guy while he was walking with his family during the Dog Day parade. I was hoping I was wrong - surely I misheard that. That was probably just some dudes yelling to each other. Sadly, though, Siobhan confirmed what I heard. She was a few sections closer.

Unreal, jackasses! UNREAL. Yelling obscenities at the guy while he's participating in a charity event? With his two little kids with him?! As Siobhan pointed out, this officially makes Red Sox fans marginally classier than us! Jesus H. Cookies!


Ian H. said...

I think the same guys who were heckling Vernon Wells while walking his dog were the same people that heckled Alex Rios outside of that charity event a few months ago.

By all means, heckle and boo Vernon when he deserves it on the field. But outside of the game, leave the man be.

LJ said...

It wouldn't surprise me. Apparently, regulars around the RC recognized the Rios heckler in the video as someone who pulls that crap constantly.

Siobhan said...

Not the same guy. The guy who heckled Rios is a 100% pure hound and whose main goal is just to get stuff signed...not the type to care about what happens in the game. The hecklers today are typical 100 level outfield hacks.

eyebleaf said...

Toronto fans continue to let me down.

That's classless, plain and simple.

These "fans" are more concerned with doing the wave, and getting free pizza when a guy strikes out seven, than cheering on their team. It's pathetic.