Friday, July 31, 2009

Take Care, GBOAT.

You were beyond appreciated around these parts.

According to my observations of my fellow fans at the Rogers Centre, there are three occurrences during a baseball game for which people will bother getting off their asses, stand up, and dole out some very loud applause:
  • A Jays home run,
  • Near the end of a game when the ribbon boards tell you to "make some noise" (groan), and
  • Unbelievable defensive plays.
In all honesty, only two players stand out in my mind for getting an assured ovation for their outstanding defensive plays: Prime Minister of Defence John McDonald, and Scott Rolen. It seems like Rolen had a web gem every game I attended. That's more than likely untrue, but that's the impact he had here. It put that kind of bias in my mind.

Safe travels, Mr Rolen.

Now, despite much evidence to the contrary, I have a good feeling about this trade. I can't put my finger on why, but let me state that for the record. I won't go into personal BS, but let's just say that despite the fact that I should be in a completely foul mood today, all in Jays land seems placid to me.

Edwin Encarnacion seems to have endured the hatred of many a Reds fan. He should feel right at home here in Toronto. Perhaps Vernon Wells could take him under his wing and show him all that this great city has to offer. I would absolutely love it if he mysteriously just starts lighting it up and kicking ass.

Oh, and in case you've forgotten or 10:00 pm is just too far past your bedtime, there is a baseball game tonight, yo. Take a nap, then grab yourself some Koolaid.


eyebleaf said...

I heart that picture of Hoss.

Ian H. said...

I heart Scott Rolen. I'll miss you buddy. Looking forward to those interleague games in Cincy next year hopefully.