Monday, July 6, 2009


Despite some stellar defense from the Jays, today's 7-6 win over the Yankees was a little uglier than it needed to be. A balk, two hit batsmen, a run walked in, and some pretty psychotic umpiring didn't interfere with Ricky-of-the-Year Romero earning another win.

God, I hate the Yankees and their ballpark.

I have to say, though, in John McDonald's defense: I'm not sure we can credit the bizarre physics of New Wankee Stadium for his home run. The wind was blowing in FROM left field, and that's where J-Mac deposited Pettitte's 3-2 offering. Let the man relish in his 'no-doubter', as dubbed by the Yankee's broadcasters.


Courtesy of the drama ensuing in my backyard over the last week, you are all now cursed with seeing a baby blue jay pic every time a rookie makes a debut.

...and courtesy of young Mr Mills having bruised ribs (!?), tomorrow's victim of being thrown into the deep end of the pool is... Marc Rzepczynski. (How's that name for a rainbow across his back from one hip bone to the other? Hell, I had to get 'Richmond' in children's sized letters...)

Zep (can we just call him that?) becomes the fifth baby jay to make his ML debut this season, breaking the club record set in the 1977 inaugural season.

Break a leg, kiddo. WAIT - I take that back. I should just say, "good luck." Don't break anything, for the love of gawd.

Random musing, and because I'm not a Real Blogger™, I couldn't be bothered looking this up: has there ever been a team with all five starting pitchers being rookies, even very briefly? The Jays have come close: with Halladay on the DL recently, the Jays were down to Tallet as the only non-rookie starting pitcher.

Michael Barrett is now off the DL. Funny, I was just wondering yesterday if his rehab was being (cough) extended due to coming down with a case of Raul-Chavez-being-awesome-itis. I must say, I'm liking the way Chavez wakes me up in the middle of not-paying-attention-to-the-game with snap pick-off throws.

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