Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two Grand Slams By One Player In The Same Game?!

It is possible, and has now happened for only the 13th time in the history of Major League Baseball. Your slugger extraordinaire was none other than that red-hot left fielder everyone's been gushing about lately, Washington Nationals Josh Willingham.

See? Baseball can be utterly random... and there is entertaining baseball to be seen beyond OMG WE'RE NOT GOING TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!1


Siobhan said...

.....my bloody Brewers (grrrr!!!!). But did you know that there's only one player to have hit 2 grand slams in one game...one from each side of the plate (since he was a switch hitter)? Hey, my mind's very limited when it comes to Baseball trivia :P

Ian H. said...

I find it very eerie that this happened last night, because on the Sportscentre Top 10 they featured "Rare Occurances in Sports".

#1 was Fernando Tatis' two grand slams off the same pitcher in the same inning.

And then Willingham goes out and hits two grand slams in the same night. Weird.

Bubbles said...

its a conspiracy Ian