Sunday, May 17, 2009

Go Rios Go

I really hope Dave doesn't mind, but now that I bought myself a CreepyStalkerCam™, I enjoy playing the game of "Find GJG References" whilst at the Rogers Centre.


Ian H. said...

I love that the dude has a sign that basically says "my GF is thinking of Rios when she's having sex with me".

LJ said...

LOL. Poor dude. It's not like he's not at least as cute as the girl... if not more so. :B

I'm disappointed that I didn't run into you today! I was watching for you. Did you get the pics you wanted?

Ian H. said...

I was the one in the Blue Jays hat, didn't you see me? :)

I managed to snap whatever I could in 9 minutes. I wish I could've been there earlier to at least stand in line to get my picture with some of the players in the tent, but oh well. I'll know better for next year!

LJ said...

Yeah, me too, and I should have known better - I was there ridiculously early last year, only because of the bus schedule, not on purpose. I seem to remember there being more time last year, and fewer people.

This year, I lollygagged around too long taking shots of the "caged" guys, and didn't realize how long the lineups were for "tent" shots. Eff!