Sunday, May 24, 2009


I know, the Tourette's Guy thing is old, but that's become my favorite expletive again. And it's always fun to mess up Google keyword searches.

This losing streak thing is getting on my nerves.

This game-only-televised-on-some-obscure-Rogers-cable-channel thing is REALLY getting on my nerves.

So most of us will be missing Scott Richmond's first big league at-bats. While they're most likely to be buntactular, Jordan Bastian quotes him as claiming that he hit one off the wall in BP. He should consider hacking away, since the way things have been going, he's going to have to bat in his own runs if he wants the W. Hey, if you can hit it TO the wall, you can knock it over, right?

Jamie Campbell should be off your shit list, if only for this comment:

I went to bed hungry because nothing is open downtown and I refuse to drop $18 on room-service soup. (...) Starbucks is closed. Silly me; it's Saturday! (...) The only place open is Hooters, but I need something more substantial than chicken wings. So it's back to the hotel bar for a Miller Lite and a handful of wasabi nuts. I would have ordered real grub if the kitchen wasn't -- wait for it -- closed. (...)

Question for Chipper Jones: Where can a guy get a slice of pizza around here?

(High five)

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