Thursday, May 14, 2009

For Dave

This is where I was supposed to get all sanctimonious about going to last night's game. It bugs me that 43,000 people will show up for the sole purpose of booing AJ Burnett, while it seems to be too much trouble for people to go to a less expensive game to see arguably equally-good baseball, and cool bonus shit like seeing these rookie pitchers make their major league debuts. I thought I'd put my money where my mouth is instead of bitching.

Worst mistake I've made in quite a while. Not only did the game suck, but I sat next to the most stank-ass dude in the building (second only to Scott Richmond - heeeey-oh!), I got rained on, and my bus was ridiculously late both ways.

- The number of innings people had to wait in line for beer on Tuesday, according to the girl working the beer stand.
- The number of seconds I waited to bolt out of my seat and get to the beer stand after Scott Richmond melted into a pile of suck.
- The number of beers I had and, sadly, still remembered the second inning.

Here's one positive tidbit: during warm-ups, Michael Barrett was up and swinging the bat around a little. That was nice to see.

I'm going to Monday's game and I think I should find some Ativan.


Ian H. said...

You forgot 4 - the number of 10 dollar bills you needed to shell out to enjoy 4 beers.

I still can't ever buy more than 2 at a game. If I'm paying more than 20 bucks for beer, I better be getting loaded.

LJ said...

You are correct. Four purple beer coupons. :P