Sunday, August 30, 2009

Photos Wanted

I started a new tumblelog. It was inspired by the Keggers of Yore tumblelog, which was recommended by Dave of Go Jays Go. Days earlier, I had been going through my own old family photos while visiting my folks. I get a kick out of humourous old photographs, and thought maybe others would, too. So I bring you... Retro Jays Fans.

The trouble is, material is difficult to come by. While everyone uploads digital photos to sites like Photobucket and Flickr these days, few people have scanned old shots and posted them. So I humbly solicit your contributions. If you've got old pictures of yourself in Jays garb or at Exhibition Stadium for a game, I'd love it if you'd scan them for me and let me post them. I will buy you a beer at the Rogers Centre!

My only "rule" is that it's truly old: wearing the retro garb they sell today doesn't count. As a guideline, if the picture is old enough that it's funny, I'll go for it. For example, if you were a gal wearing, say, a world series T-shirt with your baggy pants safety-pinned at the calves and your hair in a blunt cut with a spiral perm, that's pretty funny and retro.

I don't know anyone personally who fit such a description back in the early 90s. No-sir-ee.

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