Thursday, August 6, 2009

HB, Mr Olerud

I'm about to dive into the sea of powder blue and hit a Flashback Friday game. It took the B2B reunion and a coincidental reprieve from work to convince me to pry my money from my wallet and make the trek.

(Eyeballing credit card menacingly... )

Before there was Johnny Mac, there was Johnny O. Olerud was my favorite player for a long time. Yesterday marked his 41st birthday.

(Begin Aaron-Hill-esque Dos Equis ad spoof)

His resting heart rate is lower than the number many MLB players wear on their backs.

He jumped directly from college to the SkyDome with no use whatsoever for minor league baseball.

His eye in the batter's box was so superior, he had no need to tarnish his good name by committing theft of the basepads.

He is... The Most Interesting Jays Alumnus In The World.

(ETA) All you stank-ass MFers going back on Sunday, getting there at ridiculous o'clock to get your Henke figurine, for the love of gawd, wear lots of deodorant and dress cool. It's going to be about 41° on the humidex.


eyebleaf said...

There aren't enough people out there representing Johnny O. You gotta do it.

Jaslerx said...

He once had a brain aneurysm... just to see what it was like.

He could have pitched in the majors as well... but chose not to.