Monday, August 31, 2009

My Sentiment Exactly, Boys.

Mike Wilner postulates that yesterday's loss marked rock bottom for this team. I have to concur. I don't know what was more painful: not having that all-but-guaranteed gift-wrapped opportunity to win from Roy Halladay, or the offense getting shut down by Paul Byrd.

On Friday morning, I wanted to reply to Ian's Obligatory Scott Richmond Update. Bleary-eyed and insufficiently caffeinated to form complete sentences, I had to dash out the door to work. Now I forget what I was going to say, and too grumpy to give a f*ck.

(What was I going to say? Oh yeah.)

In speculating on reasons for his decline:
  • It's more like just coming down to Earth, now that he's being seen for the second and third time. I'm too grumpy and lazy to go through the game-by-game stats, but off the top of my head, he did well against the Halos on the 22nd. They hadn't seen him before.
  • If pitchers like Roy Halladay depend on their routines for their success, it should stand to reason that a lack of routine isn't going to do many guys many favours. Being shipped off to the 'pen (as recently as the 7th of this month), skipping his starts on off-days, plus weeks on the DL doesn't exactly sound like the path to throwing well consistently.
  • On Friday night, the Sportsnet crew said that Roy Halladay and Kevin Millar caught him tipping during a previous start. I wonder how long that had been happening. (Kevin Yousuck Millar is useful for something, haters!)

If you aren't yet completely fed up of watching this team, don't forget, Sportsnet will be carrying four games in three days from Texas! Load up on the beer and nachos, baseball fans!


Anonymous said...

Four games in three days in Texas, followed by what will feel like 7 games over 4 days vs the Yanks over the weekend.

Wake me when it's over.

Ian H. said...

Good observations, LJ. When Richmond was bounced around from the pen to the rotation and taking 11 days in between starts that must've thrown him off.