Friday, August 21, 2009

I would first like to apologize to Ian. He was kind enough to host a liveblog of Wednesday's game, and despite The Tao of Stieb suggesting that a few adult beverages make those liveblogs fun, Yours Truly tends to forget that there are those who are relying on such liveblogs for their coverage of the game. Yours Truly recalls the conversation straying to everything from the Muppets to the shittiness of suburban Pizza Pizza locations.

My bad.

In my defense, I think ScribbleLive and similar liveblogging software lends itself better toward a good old-fashioned chat than something like a news update. It would be cool if said liveblogging software allowed for two separate streams: one for official commentary from the host, and one for all other chatter. Of course, there's already Twitter for that.

Okay. So something interesting to share with all y'all about last night's game:

As a car-less pedestrian, I take advantage of the 'net to check local weather via radar if I think there's a chance it'll rain. I kept a close eye on it last night, while I tried to find the perfect time to split from work to home at around 7:00 pm.

Long story short: I mentioned on Drew's liveblog last night that I was surprised that the lid at the Rogers Centre was being peeled back in the 5th inning, because it was obvious that it was about to piss rain again.

Environment Canada did not call it:

The arrow is the direction of the precipitation.

The NOAA's Buffalo radar, OTOH, seems to be far sharper:

That 5th inning break in the rain was just that - a break. Hey Rogers Centre grounds crew - take the radar images from Buffalo.


Ian H. said...

Don't apologize! Actually, I'm the one who tends to steer the liveblog conversations off topic, in fact there are usually other commenters who keep telling me to focus more on the game rather than talk about the Junior Jays comics, Pizza Pizza, etc.

I think that's a good idea to maybe have one tab for general chat, and the other for game commentary. I'll run that by the folks who take care of that.

LJ said...

Maybe they could develop a way for the host to flag posts into a feed that people could subscribe to if they only want to read the 'meat' of the liveblog.

Isn't it fun playing with new 'net toys? What did we do 20 years ago?