Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hosers For Jose!

Sorry, I'm not sufficiently caffeinated to think of anything funnier.

The Blue Jay Hunter has taken the initiative on behalf of the Jose Bautista Appreciation Society to create a website dedicated to voting J-Bau into a starting outfield position at the 2010 MLB All Star Game. BallotsForBautista.com

You know you're bored of Twitter and Facebook. It's too hot to do much but sit in front of the computer in the air conditioning. Get clicking for Jose.

Ladies and gentlemen, your MLB HR leader isn't even on the ballot for the Home Run Derby Fan Poll. I know, the fan poll doesn't count, but I've been voting for him as a write-in as a matter of principle.

Go aggravate your carpal tunnel syndrome for a worthy cause.

1 comment:

Ian H. said...

Thanks LJ, I'm hoping to pound out at least 100 votes. Yay for multiple email addresses!