Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm jetlagged and grumpy from an ashcloud-delayed trans-Atlantic flight yesterday, so forgive me for not being too pleased at the news that the late June series against the Phillies has been moved to... Philly. Apparently, this was decided because of "close proximity" of the ball parks.

Are you kidding me? Glance at a map of North America, and sure, Philly is closer than Los Angeles, but let's consider the fans for a minute. Any city which would require a hotel stay to see a pair of games is not "close proximity." Mets & Yankees = close proximity. Buffalo is close proximity for Leafs fans in the GTA. Philly does not meet my criteria of close proximity to Toronto.

The Tigers are in Atlanta that weekend. The Pirates are in Oakland. The Indians are in Cinci. Detroit, Pittsburgh and Cleveland are all closer than Philly. Did they bother discussing a neutral stadium? I hope this is addressed in the press conference later.

Way to hose the fans once again, Jays.

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