Friday, March 13, 2009

Short, Sweet and To-The-Point: My Recent Trip To Spring Training in 12 Random Factoids.

  • The area really DOES consist primarily of old people.
  • Average attendance for the three games I was at was around 2200.
  • I was five rows above the plate. It was mind-blowing to be that close.
  • You could hear a pin drop in the stadium sometimes.
  • The netting was screwing up my pictures because the camera was auto-focusing on it, making everything on the other side blurry. I snuck down to the front to take a few pictures with the lens poking through the netting. A fave:

    When I get a break from work, I'll open a new photobucket account and upload the rest.
  • American Diet Pepsi is gross.
  • The sunshine was nice, but the cold winds in the evening sucked, especially on sunburned skin.
  • I got a few autographs, and I managed to not be a dorkwad. Uh, except the incident in which a baby Jay I later discovered to be Scott Campbell had to hand me the sharpie I dropped on the other side of the fence, but I didn't recognize him. *facepalm* I thought it would have been dorkier to have to ask him who he was, so I kept my mouth shut.
  • The beer at Dunedin Brewery is to die for.
  • Trying to use the 5-digit phone numbers for Facebook and Twitter was a complete pile of fail.
  • I loved Clearwater and could totally live there ...for one month of the year.
  • The cheeseburgers barbecued at the stadium are the best I've had in ages. Nom.


Ian H. said...

Sounds like a great time! I think it would be awesome to go down there just for a few games, even if it costs a few grand. It would so be worth it!

LJ said...

It is absolutely worth it, and it shouldn't cost you near that much. I had direct flights to and from Tampa on Air Canada plus four nights hotel for less than $550 US... and that was one person. Find a buddy and it's cheaper. My only other expenses were a $20 bus pass to get around, $50 to get to and from the airport, food and beer. Food was cheap because the hotel had free breakfast plus a fridge and microwave in the room, and there was a 24-hour Walmart across the street.

Admittedly, beer at the ball park was my biggest expense. ;)

There's no drug in the world that could have cured my winter depression like this did, lemme tell ya.

Ian H. said...

Hmmm, this is suddenly sounding like something I just might very well do next season. Maybe combining it with a trip to Disney will make it totally action packed. Thanks for the advice LJ!