Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Few Amusing Mugshots

Last month, The Sports Hernia blog did a funny post about bad mug shots coming from spring training. The photos are gone now, unfortunately. Note to self: don't hot link Getty Images.

The Jays were a pretty spiffy bunch on photo day this year. There's not too much to laugh at, but in the spring training program, they used some slighty crappier shots in place of the ones that are currently being used on There are a couple I can't pass up.

Apparently, this is Jesse Carlson, though it's hard to tell without his standard goofy grin.

Remember how on school photo day when you were a kid, your mom would get you all prettied up in your best clothes, and wipe your face with a Kleenex and her saliva? Everyone looked nice, but there was always that one dumpy kid who looked especially dumpy on picture day and ruined the class photo? That kid was probably once Joe Inglett.

Don't shave 'er nothin'.

Travis Snider, despite being such a good looking kid, is one of those unfortunate individuals who just can't seem to take a good posed photo to save his life. It's a slight improvement over last year, but he still looks like he's going to jail.

This picture inexplicably made its way into our plane of reality from a parallel universe in which Aaron Hill did not recover from last year's concussion, and remains in a persistent vegetative state:

...and the hands-down winner of the funniest mugshot award? Adam Lind.

I can't even come up with a witty comment for this one.


Ian H. said...

All of these look like passport photos, like they're not allowed to smile or something.

I think Jesse read Dave's post about his goofy smile. It's weird to see Carlson not flashing his pearly whites.

Dan The Man said...

Hey man, include us over at John McDonald's Cabinet in your list of links...

We will do the same.

LJ said...

On the main site, they chose a different shot in which Jesse is, indeed, flashing the characteristic cheesy grin.

eyebleaf said...

Snider looks pretty hammered.