Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baseball On The Radio

Almost. By "radio", I mean "laptop." I shelled out for's gameday audio. I'm that baseball-starved. That, and impulsive with my credit card.

fail owned pwned pictures

So it sounds like Scott Richmond had two very nice innings, despite nailing a batter and Sloppy Joe trying to throw the ball across highway 19.

Snider just hit one into the Tiki Pavillion! (Which I hope is open when I'm there for a B game next week.)

Homers in back-to-back games: Jason who?


Ian H. said...

Baseball starved + impulsive with credit card = trouble. Whatever you do, stay off Ebay then!

LJ said...

Yeah, totally not going there. o.o I shop on Ebay once in a blue moon if there's something I know I want, and isn't available in any local stores.