Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some V-Dub Lub

So, my associate and I hit the beginning of yesterday's B game at Bright House Field prior to the real game in Dunedin. We couldn't stay, but any excuse to go back to that ball park was good enough for us. Dave Steib was there.

Later, in Dunedin, the Jays won 14 - 9 or something ridiculous like that. It doesn't really matter.

Vernon Wells had a nice hit.

It wasn't particularly remarkable.

That would be irrelevant, except said hit came approximately thirty seconds after this retarded pile of douche perched himself on the balcony where the GM, scouts and/or other officials usually hold court; directly behind the plate. Apparently, his parents didn't give him enough attention as a youngster, and he tried to make up for that by spewing a stream of epic heckling fail.

"YOU HAVEN'T DONE ANYTHING FOR SIX YEARS!" was one of his witty gems. He dug into Wells for his entire at bat... until said bat made contact.

This little heckling failure's balls shrunk up into his kidneys, and the rest of the Jays fans in the stadium had a new appreciation for V-Dub.

Dunedin Stadium is great for heckling. You can hear a pin drop. You don't even need to yell your witty comment very loudly. However, ladies and gentlemen, if you don't have something witty or fitting to say, you are not entitled to heckle.

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