Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Spring Training Broadcast Schedule

It has been posted.

The Fan 590 will be broadcasting 9 spring training games, mostly on weekends. will provide 5 games in addition to that. does not appear to have their gameday audio pricing information up, but it was about $20 last year.

TSN2 will air the final spring training game on Sat Apr 3.


Ian H. said...

So GameDay only gets you five extra Spring Training games? Ah boo - I thought they had access to all of them.

Oh well, I'll probably get it anyway. What's 20 bucks?

LJ said...

I could have sworn there were more last year, but maybe it just seems like it because of the WBC exhibition games.

GameDay does also give you access to most regular season games. If you live far from TO and have a hard time getting Fan 590 like I do, it's worth it.