Friday, September 26, 2008

Please, Please Don't Rain Out Thiggy's First Big-League Homer.

Watching it sail over the wall at Campden Yards.

(ETA) After an hour or so delay, the game was called due to rain in the middle of the 6th. It would seem that they're still counting the stats for the top of the 6th, since the Jays were already ahead in the top of the 5th. So Curtis Thigpen smashes his first major league homer, and it's not wiped off the records.

Scott Richmond gets (gasp) his first major league... WIN. Y'know, that thing that happens if your offense scores more runs than you allow to score against you?! Strange but true!

Beyond respectable, my friend. I applaud you and hope to see you in the rotation in '09.


dave said...

Hey, love the name of your blog. Hilarious.

LJ said...

Thanks. :)

Torgen said...

Richmond ends the season with a K:BB of 10. TEN.

LJ said...

Wow, you're right!

2nd best K:BB - Doc, with 5-point-something.

Rather small sample size, but cool nonetheless.

Renaissance Man said...

Watch for this Richmond guy to surprise more than a few baseball experts next season. He's very composed, and mentally very tough, plus he's got good stuff.
That's a deadly combination for a guy with the archetypical pitchers physique, with a very efficient and smooth delivery.

LJ said...

A-to-the-freakin'-men. Lately, I find myself a big fan of Richmond not just because I thought he performed well, but because it seems most people are omitting him in their speculation about next year's rotation. I love it when players sneak in under the radar of said experts, and surprise everyone. He has a good chance of being one of those surprises.